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  • Leading Food Box Supplier and Exporter – Serving Freshness Worldwide

    The best restaurants heavily emphasize maintaining their dishes' taste and aroma. Xingtai helps them in achieving these goals. We offer safe and plastic-free boxes for your food deliveries. We ensure that your customers receive freshly cooked food like when it left the stove. We use high-quality paper to ensure our manufactured food boxes remain eco-friendly while providing the best quality. Our ability to manufacture food boxes in bulk quantities makes us among the top wholesale food box suppliers. We understand the environmental hazards disposable food boxes present. Therefore, we chose eco-friendly papers and biodegradable materials to make our paper food boxes environment-friendly.

    Superlative Preservation, Taste, and Presentation of Food

    We understand that your restaurant is famous for its unique taste. Hence, we ensure your food is well-preserved and does not deteriorate over time. Our food boxes are suitable for every superstore, restaurant, and café. Our commitment to safety guidelines makes us prominent among the top paper food box manufacturers. Our boxes are lightweight and leakproof to protect users from any mess. We ensure that our boxes are well-insulated, keeping the food fresh for a longer period. We guarantee the taste and presentation of the food stay top-notch with our manufactured boxes.

    Focusing on Health of Consumers and Prevention of Pollution  

    Paper and bagasse are much safer than plastic. They are environment-friendly and do not pose any threats to wildlife. Using paper and sugarcane pulp ensures that our boxes do not cause land or sea pollution while disposed of. As a well-known wholesale food box supplier, we have always followed all health and safety guidelines.

    Your One-Stop Solution to Bulk Supply at Wholesale rates

    Xingtai offers the best wholesale rates to make our boxes affordable for everyone. Our large-scale production capabilities enable us to meet your demands while ensuring the best quality. Xingtai’s commitment to quality and timely delivery makes us a prominent name among the top food box exporters. Our experienced team helps you find the right boxes while offering you the most competitive prices. Get in touch today to get the best quote for your food box needs.

    What Makes Xingtai Standout Among the Food Box Suppliers?

    Xingtai’s environment-friendly practices and dedication to quality make us a leading food box supplier. We follow all the health and safety guidelines to meet global standards. Our dedicated team of experienced individuals stays updated with trends and technologies to bring you the best quality products day in and day out. Place a sample order today to find out what truly sets Xingtai apart.

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